Instant messaging [IM] is being used widely in present days. It supports in all the smartphones and web devices, there are many different applications like Whatsapp,Hike, Nimbuzz, ChatOn, Wechat and other, these are apps works on user phone number (sms) based account signup and online chatting.


What is Instant messaging?

Instant messaging (IM) is as same that refers to the online chat, here IM is the communication of transferring the video files, audio files, sharing location and files or any other data between person to person over internet on your smart phones.

Today we will review two IM messaging applications, which are been used mostly among the world.

  • Whatsapp
  • Hike


WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging application for smartphones founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jon Koum. In this it automatically fetches the contacts that are in your mobile contacts and then sends a message from your mobile, But the messages are sent through over internet instead of your mobile carrier. Whatsappoffers sharing of your photos, audios and videos over internet and also group chat feature is available. Whatsapp is the most popular, it nearly killed text sms.


  • You can Send conversation history to someone in your contacts
  • Changing the chat background wallpaper
  • Photos which you have received are saved in gallery.
  • Group Chatting
  • Making back-ups of your conversations
  • Location sharing.
  • You can send files like audio, video and images through Whatsapp.
  • In whatsapp you can save the photos, audios videos that you have received.

Cross-platform (Download) :

iPhone | Android | BlackBerry | Nokia Symbian | Nokia S40 | Windows Phone.

Pricing :

WhatsApp Messenger is FREE! for first year ($0.99 USD/year after)


There have been quite a few new inclusions in Whatsapp over the past few months:

  • Privacy has been prioritized more with new privacy settings included in the updated version. In the new updated version, user now has the capability to avail the “Last seen” information to either everyone, only the contacts or nobody.
  • In the same way, the user can set restrictions for his/her status as well as the profile photo.
  • There is also a new service called “Pay for Friend’s Service” which allows the user to pay for a friend through Google Wallet.


Hike is developed by Bharti SoftBank in early of 2012. It is just as similar to Whatsapp but this app is better than whatsapp because it has some new features. Hike allows you to communicate with instant messaging over internet and even if the other person doesn’t have internet or hike account they can receive your messages through sms, it doesnt costs you for the sms. But hike currently offers send free text messages to Indian mobile numbers.

The user interface of Hike is very clean, simple and basic with pleasant hues of white and blue. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be prompted to enter your mobile number. While the iOS version sends a 6-digit verification code via SMS that expires within a minute (reminiscent of Google Authenticator), the Android version simply greets you to the welcome screen asking you to enter your name and complete the registration.


  • All your conversion are encrypted over 128 bit SSL connection.
  • Send free sms to any one across India.
  • Unified Inbox (Regular Inbox messages will be shown in hike)
  • Hike cool stickers (express your expressions , available in regional languages).
  • NUDGE (which is very similar to facebook’s poke)
  • Photos which you have received are saved in gallery.
  • Group Chatting
  • Location sharing
  • Send messages to your hike Contacts who are offline!
  • Walkie Talkie! : Talk through hike.
  • You can send files like audio,documents,android applications,windows applications, videos and images through it.
  • chat  themes


Two ways of messaging protocols are supported by Hike:
1. From app to app: Hike-to-Hike communicate with your friends who are using this app that is from Hike to Hike, this offers you an unlimited free messaging from mobile to mobile through world wide.
2. Via sms to : “Hike-to-sms” allows you to communicate with other who don’t have installed this app on their mobile. This service currently supported only in India you cannot communicate over other countries.

In Hike by default every user is offered with 100 free messages every month to communicate with others who don’t have hike and if any of your friend join on Hike on your request you will earn 50 free sms and the total sms will be refiled in their accounts on every 1st of month. The Hike also offers 100 sms if you get connected with the social networks.

Cross-platform (Download) :

iPhone | Android | BlackBerry | Nokia | Windows Phone.

Pricing :  FREE


  • Hike also has given importance to the privacy of the users. Similar to Whatsapp, user now has the capability to limit the visibility of last seen, status updates to only particular people.
  • New Hidden Mode allows you have a private chat which is hidden and can only be accessed through a password.
  • This update has been a huge hit among the youth, privacy seems to be the most wanted feature!
  •  PDF, ZIP, Doc, PPT, APK and many more files can now be sent using Hike.
  • Files and videos of up to 100MB can be shared.
  • Hike is offering Unlimited Free SmS and this is all based on the amount of time you spend on Hike. So basically, the more you spend your time on Hike, the more message balance you get!
  • New languages Spanish, French, Russian and Portugese have been added.
  • PhotoCompression/Quality Option: You can now send images either of original size or compressed!
  • GroupChat: You can add upto 100 people in a group.
  • More than 400 new stickers.

Quick Comparison between Whatsapp vs hike

Features Hike Whats App
Notifications Yes Yes
Appearance 4.5 4.0
Free SMS service Yes No
Referrals profit Yes No
Last login information No Yes
Contact action status No Yes
Inbox Yes No
Free Yes No
Block list Yes Yes
Back up No Yes
Poke Yes No
Voice sharing Yes No
Stickers Yes No
Encryption Yes No

In comparison of these two apps, Hike is the best app, it offers free sms and walkie-talkie as the special features which are not available on Whats App.

Hike is best in comparison with Whatsapp.