android-nAndroid 7.0 otherwise known as Android N has a name: Android Nougat. Google reported it toward the end of June at its Mountainview Headquarters uncovering the Android statue remaining on three bars of nougats—those present got their own nougat to chomp on.

Android welcomed clients to name the new operating system, and in the wake of dismissing choices including Nectar, Nutmeg, and New York Cheesecake, it arrived on Nougat.

Nougat is accessible in developer mode, and version 4 incorporated an Easter Egg: a N embellished with NameyNamey McNameface. This alludes to a joke that Android’s VP of Engineering made about this challenge transforming into another Boaty McBoatface circumstance.

Obviously, Nougat has significantly more to offer than Easter Eggs, regardless of the possibility that version 5 of the designer mode incorporates a senseless “cat-catching” game. Android keeps on refining notification management, security, battery-saving modes and many more. How about we investigate.



The camera that comes worked into Nexus gadgets and is accessible to download for whatever remains of us gets an upgradel in Android 7.0

The update (form 4.1) incorporates the capacity to modify the volume and down buttons: you can pick between screen, zoom, and volume. It’s likewise streamlining a few of the camera settings to make them less demanding to get to. There’s likewise the choice to utilize a “twist” signal to flip between the front and back cameras.


Notification Management  gets two outstanding upgrades: coordinate answer and packaged notices. Coordinate Reply, in which would you be able to react to notices without opening an application is now accessible for Google Hangouts, however will be a possibility for other applications also. Android will likewise package your notices by application as opposed to just in the request in which they’re gotten. Sounds great to me.

As we probably am aware, security is a vital Android issue. Nougat will consequently download security updates to your gadget; you should simply restart the gadget to get the most recent version. This is an incredible thought since it’s anything but difficult to include these sorts of downloads.

At last, Nougat gives Doze Mode a help so that at whatever point the screen is off, Android limits foundation assignments keeping in mind the end goal to spare battery life. You can expect better gaming design and support for weight delicate touch. The Quick Settings menu will be less demanding to access in stock Android—one swipe rather than two. You’ll likewise have the capacity to alter this menu with the settings you utilize the most (Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, and so on.)