Have you heard about the new mind-bending game, called psych? The term mind game refers to the three categories of human:

  • Conscious
  • Unconscious
  • Mind exercise

It has racked up over one million downloads in only two weeks. It is called JCSTRANGER game because it is developed by JCSTRANGER, real name is Christian Baumgartner.


Avoid colliding with any black obstacles. Just wait until the first psych effects start kicking in.

  • Features 
  1. more and more challenges
  2. Online high score
  3. 7 unique , psychedelic effects
  4. Facebook and Twitter integration

Baumgartner started out in the game industry, having worked at Ubisoft and many other. In 2014 he went solo, developing Psych in a mere six months. The response has been more than he ever imagined. “It was a great surprise for me to see my game racing up the charts,” said Baumgartner. His partner in marketing the game, Christopher Obereder, added: “I will never forget these first days, people around the world started contacting us and told us how much they loved our app.”

  Best Player Reviews:

“Devs can stop writing new games, porting old ones, and should just focus on productivity apps from now on. The mobile device needs no other game. This is the one.” – ShuggaHi

“This game is the perfect balance between hard and fun. It requires speed but is forgiving enough to allow mistakes.” – Batman vs Freddy

“I love this game. I haven’t played any app-game like this and it’s amazing” – DE BAD DONKEY

“Holy it’s amazing but it made me rage…oh and I think my brain broke” – The funniest game ever

This game is free to download and play….This game is available for android and iOS. As the gamer moves ahead, the colors of the screen start changing, circles distort, and other audio-visual tricks start to play on gamer mind.

Users can download it from Google play or from the link given below: