Launched in September last year, Google Allo made quite some headlines when it was introduced in the iOS and Google Stores. With its unique features which are just getting added to the list with every update, this chatting app is really good enough to give competition to the likes of WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger.
And the more you start spending time on this app, the more you discover the amazing features that it has to offer to the users. To get you started for now, we have listed down 20 tips, tricks and hacks that would make your Google Allo using experience fun.

1. Google Assistance is There to Help You

Yes, Google Assistance is no more just on your Android Home page or in the Google Pixels phone. Allo has the in-built Google Assistance service too which you can use to make chatting and using every function easier for you.

2. Allo Accept Your “Ok Google” Commands Too

Now that you have Google Assistant, you can get things done with ‘Ok Google’ command with ease. Reply to the messages or just do other amazing things with the command of your voice rather than having to type everything.

3. Chat in the Incognito Mode

Having personal chat with somebody is so much easier with the ‘Start Incognito Chat’ option available in the Allo chatting app. Just have a conversation in the incognito mode and nobody will be able to see it except you two, not even Google.

4. Set Timer to Destruct Messages

In the incognito mode, all the conversations get deleted after one hour. However, you can set your own timer for when the messages should be deleted from your Allo chat history. You can also choose to never get those chats self-destructed.

5. Voice Messages

Well, it’s no big deal that you can send voice messages using this app. After all, every chatting app provide that service. But with Google Assistant being there for you, sending voice messages would not require you to press and hold the microphone icon anymore.

6. Search for Messages

You do not have to scroll up in the chat box anymore to search for a particular message that you had sent to or received from that person. Just use the keywords in the search box of the chat window and Allo will search the messages having those keywords for you.

7. Doodle Your Images

Allo has an easy and fun option to doodle on the images when you are sharing them over the conversations. Draw with the simple pencil tools or include any text you wish to on your image before sending it and the edited image will save in your device automatically too.

8. It Does What Your Google Photos Do

Google photos is not just a pictures storage app, rather it makes the experience fun for you by compiling your memories and images from a particular event or location without you having to ask it. Well, Allo does that for you now. Just tell it which image you want to search in your Photos and it will be done.

9. Customize Your News Subscription

Tell Allo what news updates you wish to subscribe to in order to keep yourself updated and it will ask you for basic reminder information like how frequently you wish to get updates and if you need them at some particular time of the day before setting up your reminders.

10. Liven Up with Stickers

Google Allo has some really cool and unique stickers which you can use to make your conversations more fun. These are not your conventional stickers which you will find in other chat apps as they were designed specifically by individual artists from different parts of the world.

11. Manage Your Email Account

If you are looking for a particular email sent by a particular contact, you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching through your mail inbox anymore. Ask your Allo Google Assistant to find that mail for you and it will show you instant results.

12. Unlink Google Account

Obviously Google Allo connects itself with your Google account when you sign up on the app for the first time. However, in case you wish for Allo to not access your email account or connect it to a different account, you can disconnect the current Google account with ease.

13. Video Sharing is Simple Now

The best part about Google Allo is that you do not have to shuffle between different apps. It does everything you want with just simple commands. And now you can share a video simply by typing @google followed the name of the video and it will share that link in your chat box.

14. Choose Smart Reply Options

Typing seem such a tiring task at times, isn’t it? Well your Allo Google Assistant save you from the trouble of typing to the basic messages at least. It reads the text and suggest you few response options from which you can simply select one and send.

15. Switch Your Number

With other chatting apps, if you change your contact number then your saved chats and account information from the previous number will also get deleted. However, with Google Allo, you can now change your contact details without having to lose any data.

16. Kill Your Time with Games

Conversations can become quite dull when you are chatting with same person every day. But while chatting on Allo, you can play one-player and multi-player fun games to kill the boredom and to make your conversations more interesting.

17. Highlight Your Texts and Emojis

You obviously never have the options to choose different fonts while conversing on the chatting apps and the same goes with Allo too. The interesting element in this app however is that you can change the size of your texts and emojis by long pressing the ‘Send’ button.

18. Block the Unwanted Contacts

The one displeasing feature that Allo have is that anybody having your contact number can send you a message on the app. Well, since the Google app does not provide you the option to make your number unsearchable, it has given you the weapon to block the people you don’t want to chat with.

19. Prioritize Your Contacts

What is amazing about mobile phones is that they let you customize the sound notifications for your priority contacts so that you never miss a call or message from them. Allo allows you to do the same so that you always know which message to respond immediately and which ones can wait.

20. Edit Your Profile

Though the only profile options that Allow has is the profile picture and your display name, it is adding new things and features with every update. So till then you can enjoy changing your pictures and even change your display name with the ‘Edit Profile’ option.
Phew! So many things you were not even probably aware about that your Google Allo chatting messenger can do, right? Well, if you know about some more cool facts and tricks by using this app then share with us.