Suicides are increasingly becoming one of the higher causes for death. A recent report by a who organizations claims that by 2020, 1 suicide will occur every 20 min and also it affects the people between the age 15 to 44 the most Keeping this in mind Facebook one of the largest communication network has decided to address this issue by introducing and improving its FACEBOOK SUICIDE PREVENTION BUTTON, which could save a significant amount of lives

Facebook suicide prevention button works in this way  People who have the idea of suicide usually have because of the stress and unhappiness. They sometimes give a hint of their decision in their posts or messages. Because they need someone who can get them out of these situations If someone finds this hint they can report it by clicking an arrow next to the post  On this report Facebook will react immediately and provide the options of contacting the person, or reporting it to an NGO, or contact any friend of the victim, who could talk them the way out of the idea

Initially Facebook suicide prevention was introduced in 2012 but was not effective.

Currently this service is available in us but Facebook has planned to introduce it to the world