Microsoft statement that It Loves Linux, made a huge buzz. But Microsoft shocked the entire IT world by announcing its own Linux OS to be released before Windows 10

Speaking at a recent event Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella announced Microsoft’s venture into Linux.

The new Linux OS by Microsoft is named as MIUX (pronounced as mix) It will be a mix of Microsoft and Linux

Satya Nadella stated that Microsoft has been one of the largest contributor to Linux Kernel, at Microsoft they are trying to get rid of viruses & malwares and Linux is trying to make its mark on desktop market share so they feel this will be a good experiment for both Microsoft and Linux

The new Miux will have a desktop environment close to Windows 10  Miux is also supposed to work on windows mobile

Miux will not have IE 11 or Spartan as its browser instead Microsoft is working on a new browser for it called as ASTERIX

The price of Miux will cost 50% less than Windows 10