Java is a versatile language and since introduction, it has taken over the IT industry due to its various extraordinary features involving robustness, security and many other major features. It is used in almost every field in IT. For example Java Web development, java desktop application development, and mobile applications. For each of these, various frameworks are being used. In this article, we will now focus specifically on frameworks used for Java Web development.

1. Spring MVC


Spring is one of the most famous frameworks for java Web development and it comes with on open to all license. It provides an integrated environment for java web development. Robust applications can be developed using the Spring framework and to make those application secure, the integrated environment in the framework plays a big role. Even the framework itself is light weighted in early megabytes.

Key features of Spring Framework for Java Web Development.:

  • Modularity: Spring framework supports modularity. IT contains a set of required libraries which make it even easier for the developer to use it.
  • Easy testing: Spring framework contains inbuilt tools for testing purpose so. It makes it even easier to debug.
  • Easy exception handling: API support for error handling and database connectivity using JDBC.

2. JSF


JSF is another framework which has been used widely throughout the industry. As compared to other frameworks it has been used since a long time and is among the oldest frameworks. But the reason of this framework making into our list is it exceptional features. It is quite popular in terms of usage as compared to other frameworks like Vaadin, struts etc. Some of the reasons for JSF being famous are:

  • One of the earliest frameworks, so more users till date.
  • Easy to use environment
  • Up to dated and dynamic environment.

Key benefits associated with JSF are:

  • It’s reusable and light weighted GUI components.
  • Easy data communication between various components.
  • Provides interface between client and server.

3. Play Framework:


The play is another framework used for web development. It is not directly associated with Java web development but uses java indirectly in the form of Scala. This framework has gained a lot of popularity due to various key benefits that it provide including:

  • It is a light weighted framework with the quality development environment.
  • Security features are taken care of in this framework.
  • Less resource consumption in terms of memory usage, CPU usage, and other associated components.
  • Integrated environment for testing and debugging make it easy to use.

These were some of the most commonly used frameworks for java web development. These frameworks provide great support for the development of java applications no matter whether it is an enterprise application or a web application. Development now has become much easier through these frameworks due to their integrated environment and API support features. They provide an easy to use and smooth development experience for the programmers and the developers. Hope you folks found this article useful.