As reported by a correspondent of NDTV, Candy Crush Saga users spent a whooping $1.3 billion or Rs. 8,070 crores on In-App purchases. The purchases were commonly extra lives, extra moves, bombs, lollipop hammers and gold bars.

As crazy as it sounds, these numbers actually failed to bring smiles on the faces of the official owners. The game made $1 billion in revenue in the second half of the year 2013 and the revenue graph has since then been on the downside.

The highly addictive game was launched in April 2012 by King Digital Entertainment Plc and it holds the third place under the highest grossing applications on Apple’s app store in the U.S. The Candy Crush Soda Saga holds the sixth position. An year after the launch of the game, it surpassed Farmville 2 to become the most popular game on facebook with 46 million million average monthly users. The Guardian revealed that the game represented 45 percent of the total revenue generated for Q4 2014.

Not Relying on Candy Crush Saga

According to reports, King Digital Entertainment are working on different games to avoid relying on their biggest title. In August, investors raised concerns after seeing the weak Q2 figures and told King to deliver a set of consistent and long lasting hits or else it will have to suffer like Farmville and Angry Birds. The latter are struggling to retain their players after their fallout.