Either it is about knowing the containers or understanding about Spark or NoSQL, java developers need to be attentive to latest trends to get hired by companies. In this post, we will discuss these trends that will help companies in making better decisions and make them eligible to hire java developers who are proficient in their development job.

Hiring Java Developers With Latest Trend Knowledge

1. Containers – The Ruler

Docker containers are intended in a way to make it easier to create, deploy, and run java apps. Developers are able to package up an app with desired parts, like libraries and other dependencies, and deliver it as one package. Containers provide a peace of mind to development team as it can assure that the app will perform on any other Linux based machine even if the settings do not match for writing and testing the code.

2. The Accelerated Trend of Java Language

When anyone mentions that Java is declining, experts throw job trends on his face. Yes, they need to look for another button and the jobs as there is more maintenance work. And when you look for MongoDB, Node.Js or Spark job postings, results will be different.

When a company asks about Java experience from developers, it doesn’t mean that they want them to work on Java code, but to train them on Spark to use Scala or Python.

3. NoSQL Databases Will Take Hold

More companies are switching to highly scalable cloud databases. They can count on Spark that will stream, analyze, and enter the known visualization.

4. Real time everything

It is not about real time analytics only, but everything. This trend will take years to play out and it includes transforming of business, relationship with suppliers, clients, and everything else.

5. ETL – The Silent Killer

Developers could not find ETL as an appealing marketing term, so no great enhancements will be introduced to ETL trend.

6. Self Service is The New Keyword

Self service shows the way users interact with technology or how clients communicate with a company. The best companies will make data and the process around the self-service for all their staff employees.

This is why companies are planning to hire java developers with great knowledge about latest trends ruling in the market. Experts say that hiring talented developers is a challenging task as there is no tree where you can find them hanging around!