CRM refers to customer’s relationship management. There was a time when there was no worry about customers. There was something known as a barter system where in there was a give and take kind of a scenario.

In today’s world not much have changed except from the fact that customer is the king. And it is so because he has a wide choice. Therefore in order for him to choose you it is important that you establish an amicable relationship with him and make him feel important.

Customers today are not just placed locally but are spread across seven seas, therefore it may be very difficult to keep constant touch, this is where Dynamic CRM online comes into play.

The Dynamic CRM online is an intelligent system which makes you establish direct contact with the customer and makes you aware what exactly the customer is demanding. Thereby enforces the company to establish customer trust and increases brand loyalty.

A business can establish personalised interactions with the customer and deliver custom made solution to them. The next best thing is that it helps in negotiating and agreeing on common consensus without any confusion. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online increases transparency with the help of analytics and sharing internal and external data as and when required.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has come up with an advanced Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (Version 8.0). This has brought about advancement and has brought about improvement in the field of cloud. CRM 2016 also provides on ground customers admittance to the various records, forms and ‘Carina‘ features.

Following are some of the reason to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

  • It’s a cheaper option as one can do away with the cost of CRM software, licence maintenance & servers
  • It provides a better user experience in all fields of business.
  • Since it is financially backed by Microsoft therefore command a brand value
  • Performs equally well in all areas whether locally or virtually as it operates on global data centres.

This announcement emphasizes Microsoft’s venture in mobile CRM with a succession of improvements to its previously imposing smart device apps.

Following Are Few Of The Updates

  • Generates brochures such as sales orders, agreements and arrangements with the help of one click methodizes consisting of pre-determined Word and Excel prototypes, however in the case of previous version the user needs to follow a conjurer driven mail-merge process and design custom reports which was very time consuming.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online makes use of XML mapping for linkedunits that are 1 level profound nonetheless upcoming statements are predictable to increase tomanifold levels.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps users to assessinfo and track emails where Outlook is made use of. It also includes Outlook for Mac, Outlook Web Access and Outlook 2016.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online structures a variety of developments that enhanced the incorporation amongst Excel and Dynamics CRM Online and CRM 2016 takes extra stride advancing with the overview of Excel patterns.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allows the user to create templates which helps him to forecast sales and formulate case metrics. Furthermore the changes can be uploaded and tracked back when and where required.

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