Running a website is a serious business. There are multiple factors that need to be acknowledged while designing a unique and visually appealing WordPress site.  The content, themes, plugins, logo, color scheme, etc used within a site should complement each other.  Creating an aesthetically designed website leaves a great impression on visitors and likely to spend more time as well as money on your site.

Images are one of those web design elements that can enhance the beauty of a site like a breeze. One can embed jaw-dropping images into their websites to influence more web audience to visit your site. You can add high-quality images in between your blogs and articles to make them more engaging and captivating.

With that concept in mind, we bring you this blog post where we will explore the easiest way of adding highly-impressive images to your WordPress site. For that, we will use Image Elevator WordPress plugin. This plugin will help you upload or embed images within the site quickly and easily. Even, you can crop, optimize and compress your images with this tool.

Isn’t it amazing? Then let’s take a look at how to use the Image Elevator plugin.

How to Install a plugin?

  • Before using this plugin, you need to install it. For that, you need to open your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  • Now, select the Image Elevator ZIP file right from your hard drive, click Install Now > Activate Plugin.
  • For registering your plugin, you need to click on the Image Elevator from your WordPress dashboard > paste your license key in the blank field > click Submit And, you are set to use a plugin straight away.

Note: You can install, activate and register a plugin within a matter of few minutes.

Image Elevator is an incredible plugin that comes packaged with advanced functions and features to let you add stunning images into your site with ease.

So, let’s light upon its five main functions.

Paste local images with ease

With WordPress, you can easily upload and insert images into a post or site. However, it includes multiple steps –Open the WordPress editor > click Add Media > drag and drop your images (you want to upload) > click Insert into Post.

But with the use of Image Elevator plugin, you can copy and paste your images like a breeze. You just need to search your image on your hard drive, and then click Ctrl+C to copy it.


Now, open your WordPress editor, and click Ctrl+V to paste your image. The image is immediately embedded in your content and uploaded to your media library that you can use it again.    


Note: The whole procedure of pasting local images to the WordPress site becomes easy with the Image Elevator plugin.

Easy to paste screenshots

Use Image Elevator plugin to paste screenshots directly into your WordPress Editor. This is an ideal feature for those who use screenshots in their site or web tutorials.

In order to take a screenshot, Mac users need to press Command –shift-4, while Windows users can press PrtSc. Then, press Ctrl+V  to paste it into the WP editor.

Pasting Regions- Crop images like a flash

If you often crop your images with a graphical editor before publishing them on your site, then you should use Image Elevator plugin. It can help you save a lot of time and effort.

With this plugin, you can paste ‘regions” of an image quickly and easily. You just need to open up your image editing software such as Photoshop, highlight the part of the image that you want to insert to your content.

1Then, copy and paste it into the WordPress editor.

2So, embedding cropped images into the post becomes quick and easily with this tool.

Image Compression

Attractive, visually appealing and high-resolution images enhance the design of a website. But such images have large file sizes, which can slow down the speed of a site. Using too many high-resolution images could end up with a sluggish site. In order to avoid this situation, you should compress the file sizes of your images.

You can use plugin to optimize the file sizes of your images without losing their quality. Well, Image Elevator is also a nice alternative that offers image compression feature to their users. To use its image compression feature, you need to navigate to WordPress Editor – Posts > Add New. You will see the Image Elevator icon right at the top of the screen, next to the Add Media icon.


Click this icon to see the settings pop-up.


Then, click to activate the Image Compression. This will display two more options.

In the first field, you need to mention the compression threshold. In simple terms, any image above your mentioned threshold will automatically be compressed while uploading. So, you need to specify a small file size if you want to compress all your images.

While in the second field, you need to choose the JPEG quality – the higher the quality, the larger the file size. So, it’s completely up to you how much quality you want to forfeit to reduce file size.

Note: You can keep the quality around 80 to 85% as it keeps your file small without even dropping the quality of your images.


After that, click on Update Rules and this plugin will automatically compress all those images that meet your specified criteria.

Image Optimization

Use Image Elevator to optimize/resize your images.

Oversized images could increase the burden on your server, which could slow down the seed of your site. To avoid this scenario, you need to resize all your images in order to represent them properly.

Luckily, Image Elevator comes with an image optimization function that can configure maximum image dimensions. If an image outstrips the dimensions, the plugin will decrease its dimension to an appropriate size.

To configure the resizing functionality, you need to click on the image elevator icon again and activate the Image Resizing.

Then, you need to specify your maximum image dimensions in the given space.


How images are resized?

In  order to main the proportions of your images, leave the Crop to fit boxunticked – it will automatically scale down the dimensions of your images. It is one of the best tools that can help you resize the image proportions, without ever losing the image quality.

8You can optimize the size of your images and embed into your post without any heavy lifting.


If you want to quickly upload and embed beautiful images into your WordPress site, you should use the Image Elevator WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can make your site more compelling and appealing.

You can easily paste location images within your site, paste screenshots, paste regions of your images and compress and resize all your images like a breeze.