Uber’s driver-less project is now receiving much attention as Google looks forward to overtake the company it helped become a million dollar venture. Google officials are planning to launch their own taxi service application and complete the driver-less service program before Uber.

The news was out in the public on Bloomberg, which claimed that the information was anonymously released by one of the “board of directors” of Uber. According to the reports, Google’s representative on Uber, David Drummond informed the board members that his company is willing to start its own system of taxi service. The tech giants are likely to start the service with their on-going driver-less project.

Drummond has also reportedly shared screenshots of the program in advanced testing stage but the service is very unlikely to go commercial as there are no regulations for such a program.

Meanwhile, alternate reports are suggesting that Uber has teamed up with Carnegie Mellon University to start it’s own production of driver-less cars. The research center will be reportedly established in Pittsburgh.

The head on collision between Uber and Google now puts one question over the head of all techno geeks. Will Google continue to fund Uber?

Google invested $258 million into Uber’s initial days in August 2013. The investment in turn brought Drummonds to be among the board of directors in Uber. Few analysts have reportedly suggested that Google might acquire Uber completely in the near future.

Meanwhile, Uber can take a breather amid Google’s revelation to initiate the driver-less era in the world as the regulations for the service on road are at least five years away. It might buy enough time for Uber to join the race and keep up with Google.