App stores doesn’t like to guess. If you are going to develop a new mobile app or if you have already developed and launched your app in the market but it is still lagging behind from the top and most downloaded apps.

It’s high time to rethink about your app strategy and how an improvement you can make.There may be various reason behind an app failure but why stand in your customer’s shoes? Try to find out the reason why your app is not as popular as you would like.

I am sure after reading this article you will be able to find some great tools and tricks for improvisation.One such approach, which I can help you with, is top A/B Testing tools.

Tools Mobile App AB Testing

A/B testing is a form of software testing that enables you to test your mobile app just like a science project.It helps users to test two or more app pages and determine which performs better.
The majority of market leaders engage heavily in A/B testing to gain popularity among customers.There are many A/B testing tools in the market, but before making a decision, you need to consider the pricing, features and support that fits your budget.

Let’s Go! And see some of the best A/B testing tools for mobile apps testing.

  1. Optimizely: (Free – Paid)
    Optimizely is one of the best A/B testing tool around. It is easy to use and cost-efficient premium option for beginner developers. It has a classic interface that is easy to implement. It also offers the best-in-class integrations with a code-free visual editor.  Currently, Optimizely’s A/B testing tool only available for iOS apps.
  1. Five Second Test:
    As the name suggest The Five Second Testing tool employs a simple, yet amazing mechanism of showing your design to people for five seconds. After five seconds, those who saw your app design will be asked questions about they remembered. This tool gives you an insight report into a customer’s first impressions of your application.
  1. Apptimize: (Free – Paid)
    Apptimize is a app store optimization company that offers A/B testing tool and claims to be the most famous and powerful tool in the list. It comes with the most reliable SDK and robust analytics and no coding and no tagging. It deploys changes immediately and gives you the power to make changes in real-time. You can change the color, copy, position, images, and navigation items within your app. Apptimize is more than A/B testing. Apptimize is available for iOS and Android users.
  1. Google Analytics Experiments:
    Google Analytics is a complete A/B testing platform helps you test everything and utilizes Google’s manifold approach. It’s easy to use and allows you to split-test up to 10 versions of each page and delivers a page at random to customers via a separate URL. You can also choose the objective you would like to test and get updates via email on how the experiment is performing.
  1. Amazon A/B Testing: (Free)
    Amazon’s A/B testing tool available for iOS, Android, and of course the Amazon apps. It offer plain user interface and if you don’t mind try out Amazon’s A/B testing tool.  Amazon’s mobile app A/B testing tool is targeting mainly mobile apps with lots of users but there is no reason why a small team couldn’t use them as well. It currently supports iOS, Android and Amazon apps.
  1. Kii: (Free – Paid)
    It is not just A/B testing tool is actually an application developer suite. It offer mobile app backend, geolocation tools, and mobile app analytics.

The best part is Kii has enough features to compete with the other A/B testing tools around. If you just want more than an A/B testing tool, pick Kii. If you think you need all the bells and whistles, go with Kii. Kii is available for iOS, Android, and Unity apps.

  1. Arise: (Free – Paid)
    This tool comes with the most basic A/B testing functionality. It is a great testing tool for developers because you need coding knowledge for using this this tool even simple things you won’t be able to do without coding. It’s currently available for iOS, Android, and Phonegap. I wouldn’t recommend this tool if you don’t have a technical knowledge or team. It is not for marketers.
  1. Splitforce: (Free – Paid)
    This is hottest tool in the list you can test anything from button colors to game physics. It is very easy to use, to install it just copy and paste the code and within few minutes you’d be ready to start using it. It supports localization which is a big advantage if you have a localized app. Splitforce is available on the iOS, Android, and Unity platform.
  1. Vessel: (paid)
    It is a paid tool for A/B test starts at $150 per month package plan and also come up with larger packages which give you a visual app editing option. It is available for all mobile apps. It’s worth checking the Vessel’s website for more information. It offer lower prices than its competitors.
  2. Taplytics: (Free – Paid)
    This tool available only for iOS app users and start at $20 per month for 10k daily active users. It allow you visual editing of your app without app store update. Taplytics makes it easy for Product Managers and Marketers to test anything in their apps without needing to know how to code. Taplytics is available for iOS and Android.

If you want to suggest your favourite tool that you think I missed here feel free to add in comment section and also like this post and don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus!