New tech trends are obvious in every year and as 2015 is going to bid adieu, this is the time to pick the possible development and design trends of the coming year. When it comes to WordPress, more and more websites would transform in native mobile apps with the help of handy development and conversion tools. But, whether it is a mobile app or a website, WordPress is going to evolve with new design and development trends. While some earlier trends will continue to have a stronghold, a few other trends will come anew. Here we have picked 5 WordPress development trends for 2016.

1. SVG Images

SVG images or scalable vector graphics images, is the latest WordPress development trend to minimize the load from the app or website. With SVG images you no longer need to have multiple versions of graphics and logos used in the site to address diverse sizes of screen. Moreover, SVG images do not need using actual pixels.
SVG mobile app image can be expanded into a large size and dimension without losing sharpness and clarity. Moreover, SVG images allow easier correction of colors and you can easily change color by just hovering the cursor over the particular area of the image. Obviously, with such versatility and capacity of tweaking the images for different visual impacts and uses, they are replacing all other image formats in WordPress development. 2016 is not going to be an exception in this regard.

2. Parallax Design

Parallax Design will continue to be popular for WordPress websites and apps in 2016 as well. When an app or website tries to create an immersive experience with a story being revealed as the scrolling progresses, parallax scrolling comes to mind. It makes sense for taking the user through a tour with the website or app revealing useful information, brand value and interactive elements.

By offering a webpage that needs to be scrolled down till the end it actually prevents users from getting lost too quickly and leave the app or webpage. Parallax design goes well with WordPress app and websites and used diligently can render great user experience. As overall app and web design trends are continuing to embrace visually immersive experience, Parallax scrolling as a trend will continue to remain popular in 2016 as well.

3. Interactive Design with Moving Background

Developers continue to incorporate this design element in mobile apps and web as it creates eye grabbing impression with wider scope for engaging the users. Many of the leading WordPress apps and sites already incorporated interactive design to the benefit of users and quicker engagement from them. While interaction in design elements holds the key to more meaningful engagement, moving images in the background grabs attention and expresses the brand statement quicker than all other ways.

4. Infographics

The popularity of infographics with their cool, eye catchy and useful way of displaying information will continue to be popular in the coming year as well. Since people now prefers seeing everything just with a quick glance, infographics with their stripped down presentation of bare minimum and most relevant information will remain popular for both WordPress apps and

5. Modular Designs

Modular design rose in popularity because with this information appear in a more interactive manner. For instance, small modular boxes containing buttons and contents create visual patterns capable of igniting interest in people in a quicker and efficient manner. Moreover, they help incorporating a minimalist approach and context to the dispersed content.

Lastly, as for predicting 2016 trends, we cannot leave aside use of storytelling and large background image a compelling trend in WordPress apps and sites. As WordPress is continuing to grow as a mobile app platform, WordPress design and development will follow the evolving device trends in the time to come.