Does the app on Play Store look interesting or the game look fun? A download is just a click away, isn’t it? Indeed it is, and so are the hidden malicious contents that come with it. Several android ad-wares are indeed affecting many phones and tablets. 

There’s a warning for Android users that several apps on Play Store that are popular, have thousands of download, or even better, have all of the 5 stars, may actually contain codes hidden in the app that will surprisingly pop-up annoying & malicious ads. For those who may be wondering what an adware is, well, you just read it.

One of these infectious apps is a card game called Durak which is said to have injected adware into millions of Android devices, as reported by a security firm Avast. The firm was first made aware of this incident when a user contacted it after having a thorough investigation of his own smartphone.

Among the other apps on Google Play Store, possibly infected with adware, are a Russian History app and a Russian language IQ test, both of which have been downloaded a million times.

The adware causing annoying pop-ups seems to look like system notification, bears prompts such as “System has slowed down” & urges to install some additional software.

However, if you’re crazy enough to follow the prompt, be ready to be taken to pages possibly filled with malwares & harmful threats or to some bogus app stores that you didn’t even know existed. Even more surprising is to find your device silently attempting to automatically send SMS to unknown destinations.

Well, fortunate enough, Google Inc. has suspended such apps on Play Store, even though many still continue to exist & are downloaded in large numbers every day.