In today’s web development world where there is a continuous evolution and fading away of multiple web trends,

choosing specific web technologies and tools for developing outstanding websites/web apps has become quite a challenging job. Putting special emphasis on PHP- an unrivaled web development technology, it is interesting to know that this open source web development technology comes with guaranteed escalation on the part of quality and unchained business growth. If you’re still not convinced, continue reading this post which will take you through some solid reasons which make PHP one of the most preferred options for developing scintillating and fully-functional websites and applications.

1. A narrow learning curve

When compared to a wide range of other web development languages, PHP comes with a narrow learning curve. That means, in order to grab a detailed understanding of different concepts related to PHP, you need not spend multiple tireless hours. Backed by a logical syntax and elaborately defined command functions, PHP allows you to get on the right track when it comes to creating and optimizing websites and web applications.

2. An easy-to-follow code structure

As one of the greatest advantages of PHP, the easy-to-understand code structure makes it feasible to develop simple and complex websites/apps within a small duration of time. You need not worry about spending a large quantity of time on understanding a single piece of code. Everything is there in front of you and can be conveniently comprehended for the code’s usability and feasibility.

3. Going beyond boundaries is possible with PHP

PHP has emerged as an undisputed power-packed platform which contains multiple features which can be availed for developing eye-catchy and functionality-loaded websites and web applications. With a range of pre-defined functions and amazing capabilities, PHP has extensions that can impressively reduce the overall development time associated with creation of a web solution/service.

4. Supports all major web servers and databases

As compared to other website development technologies, PHP supports all the major web servers including Apache, Netscape, iPlanet server, Microsoft IIS, personal webserver etc. In addition to this, PHP also supports all major databases including dBase, InterBase, ODBC, SQLIte, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and many more.

5. Security isn’t a thing to worry about, with PHP

Security has always been a prime concern of website builders and web app creators. Despite the multiple security measures taken for keeping the hackers at bay, there are times when gaining quick access to your website and/or web application becomes a breeze for the hackers. This in a way also risks the entire nature of project development, leading to creating of a highly vulnerable website/web application. With PHP, you can rest assured about commendable authentication processes which need to be executed in case an individual wants to gain access to the intrinsic aspects of the website/web application. PHP’s built-in security measures make the website/application inaccessible for malicious individuals.

6. PHP is thoroughly capable of allowing you to build any kind of web product

With PHP, your ideas get wings because you are free to design any kind of website or web application. It is quite interesting to know that a majority of popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter have been built using the PHP framework. Since PHP is a sever-side scripting, it can be used for creating any kind of software product.

7. PHP guarantees faster website development

Since PHP uses its own memory space, there is a considerable decreasing in the workload from the server and the overall loading time associated with websites and web applications. You can experience a fast processing speed, with the convenience of creating popular web applications like CMS, Ecommerce, Forums, CRM and many more.

8. PHP is backed by a strong community of designers and developers

Irrespective of the type of issue that you’re facing with design and development of a website/web app using PHP, there is a strong team of professionally qualified and experienced designers and developers who are ready to listen to you and serve you with suitable solutions. The PHP web development community is constantly trying hard to make PHP one of the most sought-after programming platforms for global developers.

Final Thoughts

So, whatever be your web development need, PHP has the caliber of helping you achieve the desired website/application within least amount of time. I’m sure the points captured above would have encouraged you to go ahead with PHP web development without getting confused any further.