Highly technical and brainstorming sessions with in-depth discussions of Google products, the feasibility of possible future innovations and an amalgamation of renowned IT professionals and dignitaries speaking volumes of how Google can make further contributions to the world of technology-this is the highlight of Google I/O-a conference organized annually by Google in San Francisco, CA, United States of America, which extends for over 2-3 days. The ‘I’ and ‘O’ stand respectively for Input and Output, or on a more creative basis, for “Innovation in the Open”. This much-awaited conference, which receives an annual footfall of approximately 5000 participants from across the world witnesses detailed consultations focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as AndroidChromeChrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web ToolkitApp Engine, and more.Since 2008, the year of Google I/O’s inception, Google has been using this software-developer focused conference as a platform to disclose its upcoming projects and products and innovations in its already existing applications. The Google I/O 2014 which spanned two days( June 25-June 26 2014) at the Moscone Center, San Francisco saw various announcements being made about Google’s upcoming releases, for instance Android L, Android Wear, Android Auto, Android One, Android TV, Google Fit among others.Google I/O is not a just a confluence of ideas and technologies, it is also a ‘one of its kind’ conference where all the attendees are gifted hardwares by Google. This year, the attendees were elated to be given LG G Watches/Samsung Gear Live and Motorola Moto 360. They were in for a surprise when in addition to the above two, they were given the out-of-the world Google Cardboard, a fold-out cardboard smartphone mount that offers a virtual reality experience when combined with lenses, a magnet, a piece of hook-and-loop fastener and a rubber band and held against the face.Following are the detailed descriptions of what Google plans to unleash to the world in the near future :

  1. Android L : Google’s iOS 8’s latest rival is here and how! Notifications will be visible on the lock screen itself without having to unlock and without getting frustrated on consecutive incorrect attempts. Phew! Also, the lock-screen of the phone or the tablet running on Android L will unlock automatically as soon as it detects a Bluetooth connected device. And yes of course, better performance and design optimization are on the priority list of this latest member of the Android clan. Cheers to Google!


  1. Android Wear : Ever thought of wearing a computer on your body? Well, the Android Wear helps you do just that. It is Google’s latest smart watch that is sure to to be a fad as soon as it hits the shelves. For all those who can’t resist checking their phones and tablets and phablets every minute, this comes as a much needed relief. All you’ll need to do is look at your wrist and voila! Your significant info will be up and there. This smart watch supports both circular and square shaped displays for you to choose from. So wear this comfy minicomputer on your wrist and flaunt with style.


  1. Android Auto : Next time, you won’t be penalized by the traffic police for driving and using a smartphone simultaneously, if Android Auto gets incorporated into your car. This casts Google’s smartphone experience on your car screen, all with steering wheel buttons, console dials and touchscreen, with all your apps still running on your phone. And yes, Google Maps will finally be in your in-car system. Such a luxury! Isn’t it?


  1. Android TV : A successor to Google TV, this smart TV platform developed by Google can be built into both TVs and set-top boxes. Users will now have direct access to Google Play Store wherein they can download media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu as well as games, all on their TV’s. Yes you read that right! TVs! That’s not all. The TV interface can be navigated and explored using a remote control, a game controller or the Android TV mobile app.


These are just few of the releases that Google plans to bestow to the world of tech. It yet isn’t certain as to how these will be received by the critics. But there’s one thing that’s certain: The world is changing. And it’s changing fast.