Zappa is a system and a framework used by python web development community for running a serverless python web app using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda. Zappa framework has ability to handle entire configuration and deployment automatically- python development company developers can deploy an infinitely scalable application to the cloud using a single command- all for a minute fraction of the cost of a conventional web server.

As I have used the word “serverless” for Zappa- you must know what does it stand for? Of course it is not a whole serverless- there still is a machine which returns the HTTP response to the client.

It is different from other web servers like Apache and Nginx that have to sit idle 24/7 and wait for new requests to come in, whereas in Zappa, the server is created after receiving the HTTP request through API gateway. It then converts the request into normal Python WSGI, processes it, and returns it via API gateway to the client. So, where’s the server duh?

Why Zappa is highlighted? Is there any special benefit you can get from it?

There are major advantages counted in the account of Zappa. It is a lot different than traditional web servers. You will learn all the advantages in detail in this post. Let’s start with the list-


As AWS Lambda manages all of the requests, you can avail as many responses processed in parallel as you require. AWS Lambda offers 100 function executions per second which are innovative but the limit is arbitrary. In case you scale beyond that, you need to take permission of Amazon to raise your limit.


Cost is the next critical part to discuss. Using AWS Lambda, you pay by the millisecond. As there is no beefy EC2 machine running 24/7 to handle your website, you only need to pay pennies every month for an ordinary website. You don’t need to spend your time on deployment, operations, and maintenance- what else you need to save more?

Ease of use

Zappa is a brilliant framework that can be easily deployed. There are no provisioning machine, no setting up web servers, no operating system, no security upgrades, no downtime, no patching yet it works tremendously.

It seems Zappa is a complete package; however, there is still some amount of work to do on it. For example- there is only one client library available so far. Yet python development community people and developers working in any Python Development Company can give it a shot! Zappa has power to change the way you think about web application deployment.

This article is published by author working with reputed IT Company. The sole purpose of this blog post is to share basic information about Zappa framework. Author has also shared a few advantages of the framework that tell why it is useful for python web development. If you have more knowledge about the same, you can share it with us and our readers by making comments!