MVC 6 with Beta 5 has capability to design cloud apps that can be used for your business freely. So we actually meant by MVC? MVC stand for Model – View – Controller and a popular platform that gives you flexibility to design most powerful apps that can be tested or managed quickly. MVC architecture

The code written over MVC platform is easy to maintain and it can be reused again and again. tech lead teams are happy with enhancements in MVC architecture as it offers designing of most scalable apps that was not possible earlier.

Why it is named as MVC architecture?

M – Model – Here application data is stored inside.
V – View – This is user interface layer where you can interact with program.
C – Controller – This is the logic layer of business to maintain the work flow.

How MVC 6 architecture is better than existing versions?

With the MVC architecture development and its updated version, this is possible to test or maintain apps quickly. The best part with new version is that its dependency on system.web file has been eliminated. Earlier, there were plenty of resources needed to work with system.web file that was pretty much expensive. Now MVC platform has made independent and application deployment has become much easier than previous versions.

  • Cloud optimized application development

With MVC 6 framework, tech lead teams are able to build cloud optimized apps that are ready for cloud. This architecture is available as part of Beta 5 or VS 2015. When two or more domains are running in parallel then CLR is used multiple times for cloud optimized applications. Further, VS 2016, web APIs and MVC framework are unified together to form one integrated model. Cloud optimized applications are generally hosted on IIS server and complete abstract details are given inside framework to avoid overlapping between different versions.

  • Dependency Injection Container

These containers are suitable to bind loosely coupled objects together defined for your application. The container has one abstraction layer where multiple frameworks are defined having limited functionalities. You may also design your own dependency injection container to enjoy more benefits from platform. According to Tech lead team, designing some container is not easy but you are always advised to hire senior MVC developers to ease your work.

  • Deployment has gone easier

When you are working on MVC 6 framework, deployment of apps has become easier and more flexible as compared to previous versions. To get more interesting updates on MVC architecture or technology, stay engaged with us.